CBD For Stroke Victims & TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Recent studies have established a relationship between CBD and mitigation of the brain damage that is caused by traumatic brain injury or TBI and ischemic stroke. Research suggests that different properties of cannabidiol give it an amazing therapeutic potential. Every year, about 1 million people in the US undergo emergency therapeutic aid for TBI that results from sports-related concussions, traffic, accidents, stroke, and military injuries.


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The American Heart Association notes that by 2030, almost 4% of adults in the U.S will experience a stroke.

A stroke occurs when there is interruption or limited blood flow in the brain. This leads to deprivation of nutrients and oxygen which leads to the death of brain cells within minutes. Traumatic brain injury on the other had is the disruption of the normal brain function due to a blow or a bump to the head.


CBD For Stroke Relief

The use of CBD to treat TBI is attributed to the ability of cannabidiol to activate CB1 and CB2 receptors. This, in turn, prevents pro-inflammatory cytokines’ release. These cytokines are released whenever the brain undergoes a drama and they cause further damage. Activation of these receptors also stimulates minocycline’s release. This reduces neurological impairment and brain swelling while diffusing further brain axons’ injuries. Studies have also shown that CBD reduces apoptotic and acute brain damage. Additionally, CBD reduces oxidative stress and excitotoxicity.

Research has shown that brain is damaged by increased oxidative stress, inflammation, and excitotoxicity that follows stroke. Administration of CBD after stroke has been proven effective in preventing these three. Additionally, CBD has been proven to have neuroprotective effects. That means administering CBD after a stroke helps in the protection of neurons as well as astrocytes from possible damage. This leads to enhanced histological, neuro-behavior, biochemical, and functional recovery. Generally, research shows that administration of CBD immediately after stroke or TBI has a significant effect on recovery and it limits further damage.


Why Some People Are Using CBD As A Treatment For Strokes

The anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties of CBD enable it to prevent auto-immune attacks on the brain tissues and to prevent the death of brain cells. Being an antioxidant CBD helps in removing toxins and dead blood cells from the vessels. It also lowers bad cholesterol levels while increasing good cholesterol. All these are essential for improved brain health. And, apart from helping with pain management after stroke or TBI, CBD helps in protecting neurons and body tissues.

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