CBD For Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury is an uncommon condition that has devastating and permanent effects on the well-being and the daily life of a person. Scientists, researchers, and medical practitioners are yet to develop effective medications for spinal cord injury that won’t cause side effects or addiction to patients. Right now, there are no therapeutic aids that cure spinal cord injury. Patients undergo rehabilitation which enables them to cope with the condition. Nevertheless, studies are underway to find alternative therapeutic aids for spinal cord damage. And, CBD is among the compounds that scientists are exploring.


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How Cannabidiol Could Help Relieve Spinal Pain 

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. Scientists have established that this compound has neuroprotective effects on the brain injuries. Once ingested, CBD affects specific brain receptors directly. This helps because it alters spinal cord injury’s progression. Animal studies have shown that CBD improves motor functions’ recovery in rats while reducing the spinal cord injury’s progression. As such, scientists have concluded that CBD can be a great therapeutic aid for spinal cord injuries and lessons in human beings.

Several studies have already confirmed the ability of CBD to treat symptoms of spinal cord injury including spasticity, pain, depression, and insomnia. CBD has also been used effectively to treat bowel and bladder problems. Generally, the medicinal properties of CBD make it an amazing therapeutic aid for this condition.

Currently, CBD is a popular pain reliever even among cancer patients. This combined with its ability to improve motor functions and reduce spasticity in spinal cord injury patients make it a preferred therapeutic aid among many sufferers. Currently, researchers are monitoring the ability of CBD to restore nerve functions and enhance new cells’ growth. And, the preliminary findings are very promising.


Using CBD as a Palliative Treatment For Spine Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are either incomplete or complete. A complete spinal cord injury entails total loss of muscle function and sensation. With incomplete spinal cord injury, the injured site allows for the movement of some nerve signals. Nevertheless, both incomplete and complete spinal cord injuries are devastating. Unfortunately, there is no cure for any of these conditions at the moment. Sufferers are only put through rehabilitation that does not guarantee recovery.

CBD has proven its ability to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Additionally, CBD does not cause any serious side effects that one could experience with chemical or synthetic medicines. This makes it a preferred alternative route for people with a spinal cord injury. If you are considering CBD for the first time, take a moment to learn about all the different CBD products that are sold online so that you may know all of your options.