CBD For Seizures & Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that is characterized by sudden and recurrent episodes of sensory disturbances. Seizures can be defined as uncontrolled brain electrical activity that can produce minor physical signs, thought disturbances, physical convulsion, or a combination of the symptoms. Epilepsy can cause seizures. Though major causes of epilepsy and seizures include head injury and tumors, about half of seizures are due to unknown reasons. Epilepsy and seizures can be quite debilitating and they usually interfere with the patient’s ability to lead a happy and full life.


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CBD: A Possible Natural Relief Supplement For Seizures

Patient testimonials and formal research show that cannabidiol can be used to reduce epilepsy and seizures symptoms as an alternative medication. According to numerous studies, CBD has strong anti-epileptic properties. However, the mechanisms via which cannabidiol ameliorates epilepsy remain uncertain. Some researchers believe it’s because of CBD’s capabilities in neuronal regulation, others give the credit to CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation… and everyone else deems it to be a mixture of the two. Either way, we’re on the right path to finding a natural therapeutic aid for seizures.

Nevertheless, studies have shown that CBD performs better when compared to standard anti-epileptic and seizures therapeutic aids. In fact, CBD has been proven to be as effective as chlordiazepoxide and carbamazepine which are common medications for epilepsy and seizures. As such, scientists believe that CBD may help with epilepsy and seizures alongside other antiepileptic medications by diminishing or enhancing their impact.

Why Should You Consider Taking CBD For Epilepsy?

Numerous studies have provided evidence to prove that CBD has therapeutic effects when it comes to relieveing epilepsy and seizures. Although there is no medication that doesn’t have side effects, CBD has minimal side effects when used to relieve epilepsy and seizures than medically approved medications for seizures. This makes it a better therapeutic aid for the condition than conventional medications.

Studies have also shown that CBD provides unique advantages when it comes to relieveing epilepsy and seizures when compared to the currently available prescription anticonvulsants. According to research, CBD shows not only anticonvulsant activity of the cannabinoids that are applied exogenously, but it also limits seizure duration through the activation of CB1 receptors.

Recommendations Before Taking CBD

Epilepsy and seizures patients can gain significant benefits from using CBD to decrease or prevent seizure incidences. It’s, however, important that patients choose CBD-only products to avoid the high feeling that is caused by THC.  Furthermore, it’s always important to know all of your options before making a decision on your therapeutic aid…

We recommend that you:

  1. Browse through our informational product pages to learn all that you can about the different ways CBD is offered. Be sure to read about CBD Crystals, CBD Wax, and CBD Dabs.
  2. Take your new knowledge to your physician so you can have an educated conversation about figuring out the best way to add Cannabidiol to your therapeutic aid plan.