CBD Used For Prion & Mad Cow Disease

Scientific research has shown that CBD can be helpful in the therapeutic aid or management of Prion /Mad Cow Disease. In humans, Prion disease is characterized by mental deterioration that occurs rapidly and it’s usually felt within very few months. Among the symptoms of this disease include anxiety, depression, impaired thinking, personality changes, memory loss, blurred vision, difficulty speaking, blindness, insomnia, as well as sudden and jerky movements. These symptoms worsen as the disease progresses and eventually the patient lapses into a coma. Pneumonia, respiratory diseases, and heart failure eventually cause the death of the patient.


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Cannabidiol Might Play A Novel Role In Treatment For Prion or Mad Cow Disease

CBD has non-psychoactive properties. It can, therefore, benefit Prion patients. Cannabidiol is naturally a pain killer. It also activates brain areas just like opioids while causing an analgesic effect. This effect is important for the control of synaptic transmission in the endocannabinoid system. That means it helps in the reduction of pain.

Additionally, CBD is a neuro-protective agent. As such, it prevents neuro-degradation while reducing oxidative stress. Studies have shown that CBD inhibits the production of glutamate. This reduces the risk of ischemic damage while protecting brain cells. And, because Prion illnesses like the Mad Cow Disease impair mental and nervous system, CBD can be highly beneficial to the patients.


How CBD Works Against Prion Disease

According to a report that was published in the Journal of Neuroscience, people that ingest cannabis with high CBD levels are less likely to develop the Mad Cow Disease. This disease accumulates infectious particles within the human and animal brains. It uses Prions in to degrade or deteriorate the brain. Scientists argue that CBD works by preventing the entry of Prions into the brain. Consequently, this reduces the possibility of developing this disease.

Findings of numerous studies have shown that CBD can protect neurons against cellular and molecular factors that are involved in the neurodegenerative process. This process occurs once Prions find their way into the brain. As such, the ability to target the human brain and the fact that it does not have side effects makes CBD a promising therapeutic aid for Prion or Mad Cow Disease.


Why People Are Turning To CBD

Currently, there is no effective therapeutic aid for Prion/ Mad Cow Disease. However, CBD has shown that it can protect neurons in the brain against Prions infection. It also can potentially provide protection to the neurons against other damages including alcohol damage. These facts make CBD a preferred therapeutic aid for most Prion disease patients. Right now, there are many CBD products that are being used to treat this condition. Learn about them on this site.